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Another Love Letter to Edinburgh: Gillian

Edinburgh New Town Charlotte Square

It’s funny, isn’t it, how a place you’ve never been can feel like home? Stories passed on, through a book or a chatty stranger or an old friend, fill you with a sense of longing and belonging. It was late September, seven years ago now, when I packed my bags with all the essentials – high heels, notebooks, a toaster – and made the journey south. As soon as the Old Town air hit my face, I knew it was going to be mine. Edinburgh was my city now and I wanted to know all her secrets.

It’s always the little things I treasure the most, the peculiarities you don’t find in other cities. The smell of the brewery, strong and comforting on a breezy summer night. The unexpected flashes of lush green grass as you come to a crossroads in the New Town. The sea of bodies snaking down the Royal Mile during festival season, their arms laden with flyers and their hearts full of love for a new city. The macabre tales of Auld Reekie from days gone by, hidden away down closes and inside vaults and underneath cobbled streets.

There are plenty other places in this world which are just as pretty, just as interesting. But none of them are quite the same as you, Edinburgh. You’re mystical and magnetic, drawing in lost souls from across the globe looking to be charmed and romanced by the city of enlightenment. Every brick and every cobble has become a piece of history with its own story to tell.

Edinburgh has always been a tale of two cities: the light, the dark; the old, the new; the local, the tourist; the obvious, the hidden. No one will ever know all of her secrets, but we’ve made a pretty good start. I hope our stories will inspire you. I hope they will make you fall in love with this city all over again, or maybe even for the first time. We want to uncover all the best and most magical secrets, passing them on along the way so they become part of your very own Edinburgh stories.

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What would you include in your own love letter to this city?