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A Love Letter to Edinburgh: Laura

It often feels like Edinburgh has always had a piece of my heart. From the age of 14, I remember sitting curled up in my childhood bed scribbling down my Edinburgh adventures in my little red Moleskine after much anticipated day trips with friends, scouring Victoria Street and Cockburn Street for the cutest shops we could find. In those days, Armstrong’s Vintage Emporium was my favourite store. It was kind of destined that one day I’d set up home in the city. I even recall writing a list at the age of 18; a bucket list of sorts, of all the things I wanted to do when I moved to the bright lights of Auld Reekie that summer. Amongst that list of long gone idealistic scribbles was an underlying sentiment: to really know this city and explore every square inch of it. And explore it I have.

It often feels like Edinburgh has always had a piece of my heart.

But, five years on, there are still things I have yet to discover. And that’s the beauty of Edinburgh; there’s always something around each corner that you haven’t quite gotten around to exploring. Like the buildings of the Old Town standing tall and majestic; watchful caretakers over the city. Or even just the world famous Fringe Festival that we often take for granted as disgruntled locals, shaking off passers-by offering up flyers for their shows, keeping our heads down and missing out on those small moments of beauty cropping up around the city each and every day.

Why can’t we still be explorers in our own city, even after that initial swell of affection is gone? Don’t put it off, saying “I’ll do that one day..” Get out there and make the most of living in a city that many people all over the world wish they could call their home. And that’s what, with Every Edinburgh, I intend to do.

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Laura is the writer behind The Likely Lady; a local blog curating the best events, restaurants, lifestyle inspiration and beauty & fashion picks. Often found scouring Edinburgh for the best cocktails, she’s also an avid Pinterest user and communications professional.