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A Day in the Life: The Tartan Blanket Co.

Tartan Blanket Co - A Day in the Life

Ever wondered what it’s like to work for a small business in Edinburgh? Our Day in the Life series will help to uncover some of the daily rituals and routines of inspiring, creative people and businesses you might not have heard of before. Let’s start with Laura. She’s an Online Marketing Assistant for The Tartan Blanket Co and spends her days surrounded by dreamy interiors, social media feeds and – of course – a whole lot of blankets. Dark and cosy with a constant, quiet hum of activity, it’s the little back office where Laura spends most of her day, but it was the light and airy styling area in TBCo’s Great Junction Street warehouse which really caught our imaginations. Amongst artfully draped blankets and vintage jumble sale props, Laura set up a shoot as she talked us through her day. Here it is, in her own words.

Tartan Blanket Co - A Day in the Life

6:45am: Hop in my car, coffee in hand and begin my journey from Glasgow to Edinburgh. Every day I choose a CD (yep a CD) from my 16 year old self’s collection and sing my way to work. Last week’s selection included some vintage Chris Brown and Ne-yo. It was amazing.

8:15am: My journey is complete and for the next half an hour I sit in my car, put on my makeup and scroll through Instagram. The one and a half hour journey is a difficult social media free time.

8:45am: Arrive at the office and head straight to the kitchen for a cup of tea. I truly believe I cannot start my day without a wee cuppa in the morning. During this little ritual I plan out my tasks and prepare for the day ahead.

9:00am: I start every day by checking through my emails and getting back to as many people as possible. This could last between fifteen minutes and one hour depending on how busy the rest of my day is looking.  Every day is different here at The Tartan Blanket Co. and I love that, however, to give you an idea, it could look a little like this…

Tartan Blanket Co - A Day in the Life

10:00am: I start with creating and scheduling social media for the week ahead. This is always a nice little morning task as I get to keep  up-to-date with what’s going on around Edinburgh and the world of interiors and home décor.

11:00am: If there is a newsletter scheduled for the next couple of days I will then take some time to plan out its design and content. Once I am happy with it, I will schedule to send it out to our lovely customers during the week.

12pm: Early afternoon usually involves a quick catch up with the rest of the marketing team. Here we discuss what we’ve all been working on and come up with new ideas for future campaigns and projects. It’s a great opportunity to get creative and draw inspiration from each other.

Tartan Blanket Co - A Day in the Life

1:00pm: Lunch is an hour away, perfect time to write and schedule a blog post. I always try to ensure the TBCo Blog is as inspirational as possible for our customers and readers. It features everything from behind the scenes news to home décor trends and ideas.

2:00pm: Lunch time! Grab some food, a cup of tea and sit down at my desk with Netflix for an hour. This is often a bad move as, depending on what I’m watching, I could end up crying my eyes out at the computer screen.

3:30pm: I work really closely with the products team to ensure brand image is conveyed throughout everything we do. This also means getting involved and having creative input in any photo shoots we do. Every now and again I’ll take a couple of hours out of my day to assist on set and act as a part-time blanket stylist for a few hours. It’s so much fun!

Tartan Blanket Co - A Day in the Life

5:00pm: Only half an hour left of the day, I usually spend this time tying up any tasks and writing a list of actions to start on the following morning. I also ensure any important emails are answered to before the day ends.

5:30pm: Another day has quickly flown by! I go and grab myself a coffee for the journey home and return to my car for another fun singing sesh.

Tartan Blanket Co - A Day in the Life

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