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5 Edinburgh Fringe Festival Shows You Need To See

When it comes to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, it’s tough to narrow down what to see! With an event programme bursting at the seams, we thought we’d make it a little easier for you by picking our favourites of the bunch. So, what are you waiting for? Get booking those tickets!

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016

1. Daffodils (A Play With Songs)

We were treated to a preview performance of Daffodils (A Play with Songs) at the recent Edinburgh Festivals Magazine launch party and it was captivating to watch. With beautiful ’50s costumes and catchy tunes played out against a boy-meets-girl teen love story, New Zealand’s own Bullet Heart Club really are worth a look in this Fringe season.

Daffodils (A Play With Songs)
7-28 August
Traverse Theatre, 10 Cambridge St, EH1 2ED
Tickets: £20.50
Best for: Date night at the Fringe

2. Gillian Cosgriff – This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Another preview night winner, Gillian Cosgriff’s all-in-one comedy/music mash-up really is a show to remember this Fringe season. With relatable twenty-something dilemmas such as infuriating people on social media (#blessed); procrastinating your life away; and ticking off the adulthood check list before you’re 30 (marriage, babies, property and stocks… help!), Gillian is a sharp-witted instantly likeable Aussie who you need to see…

Gillian Cosgriff – This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things
7-28 August
Gilded Balloon Teviot (Venue 14)
Tickets: £11
Best for: A catch-up night with the girls

3. Eurobeat

Now, if you’re not into camp glitter-dipped sequin-trimmed parody musicals, you might wanna look away now… This one has been heavily advertised this Fringe season, so it’s worth a visit if you wanna see what the fuss is all about. Our favourite part? Lee from Steps (or Lee Latchford-Evans for all you top Steps fans) in a lead role as the typical Eurovision co-host Nikolae Nikovsky. Watch out for the tongue-in-cheek Eurovision Song Contest imitations…

7-29 August
Pleasance Courtyard (Venue 33)
Tickets: £15.50
Best for: Friday night with a group of pals

4. David O’Doherty: Big Time

A well-known Irish comedian with a repertoire always full of the funniest jokes of the Fringe, David sells his show as “a brand new hour of talking and songs in a haunted Victorian hall on a hill with portraits of men who look like cocker spaniels” and we can’t say no to that…

David O’Doherty: Big Time
7-28 August
Assembly Hall (Venue 35)
Tickets: £14
Best for: A crowd-pleasing option for everyone

5. Limmy: Daft Wee Stories

If you’re a true Scot, you’ll have heard of Daft Limmy, or at least spotted his comedy sketches doing the rounds on your Facebook feed all year round. This month, Limmy is back to present an hour of stories from his Sunday Times bestselling book Daft Wee Stories, as originally published last year. Get ready to laugh your socks off…

Limmy: Daft Wee Stories
18-21 August
Venue150 at EICC (Venue 150)
Tickets: £17.50
Best for: Those with a Scottish sense of humour…